There’s no getting away from it, we live more stressful lives than we have ever done. We expect more, we want more.  Stress triggers a set of biological responses that over time can deliver long term negative effects.

We naturally have a biological mechanism to helps us cope with stress – it’s called the ‘flight or fight’ response, but overworking this stress response can lead to our adrenal glands being overworked and the release of hormones (adrenaline, noradrenaline and cortisol) becoming imbalanced. When you have elevated cortisol levels it can lead to increased blood sugar…then the cycle of fatigue, cravings and energy dips ensues and can lead to more strain on the everyday juggle of work, family and social life (if you get time for a social life that is!).

What can you do? Everyone is unique with a different set of lifestyle and health factors so Nutritional Therapy will help you navigate what’s right for you. But let’s think about some nutrients that can help you live a more balanced life. I am not suggesting you run out and buy supplements (the opposite in fact) for these nutrients – food always comes first.

Vitamin C is stored in the adrenal gland and is required to make cortisol so make sure you get enough. Vitamin C also supports your immune system so it’s a winner all round. Get vitamin C from tomatoes, broccoli and red, yellow and green capsicum – you don’t have to down orange juice!

B vitamins are involved in energy production so we need to make sure we get enough. B vitamins can also help to support adrenal function. Sources include wholegrains, nuts and seeds. Wholegrains also need to be included in a healthy diet to stabilise your blood sugar levels…and let’s not forget that fibre from wholegrains help to keep your digestive system healthy.