Paving the Way to Wellness

Live Nutrition Webinar Series

If you know you want to be healthier but are confused over which way to turn then this webinar series might just be what you need.

All you need to start is to know what you want – it could be to eat better, have more energy, get a better night’s sleep or lose weight. Maybe you want to be better educated on how to balance your meals and learn how food affects your energy levels & gut health.

Paving the Way to Wellness will take you from being confused and unmotivated, to passionate and intuitive about how to eat, helping you to set the foundations for healthy and sustainable weight loss.

Delivered online in a seminar format, I’ll be sharing the tips, tools and strategies that will improve your energy levels, help you eat in a balanced way, reduce bloating, and regulate sleep patterns. You will change your old mindset to well-being and losing weight, and replace it with a fresh perspective.

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The programme is delivered online where live seminar’s will take place through an online meeting platform. You will have the opportunity to ask questions to me directly and get answers that prioritise your wellness.

  • Identify your barriers to losing weight
  • Learn to balance your meals & the principles of healthy eating
  • Learn tools to help you break habits that hold you back
  • Receive recipes ideas & tips
  • Learn how to meal prep when you are time poor
  • Learn the basics of gut health
  • Learn strategies to manage emotional eating
  • Learn how food affects your vital hormones

This programme is ideal for those who may not feel like they can or want to commit to 1-2-1 consultations but still feel they want to benefit from dietary and lifestyle advice for weight-loss, increased energy and better sleep.

You don’t have to discuss your personal health journey or circumstances.
Seminars are delivered via an online meeting platform and you can be as vocal or as you want to be. Resources will be delivered via email.

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What People Say

I lost a fair bit of body fat, slept better and had more energy throughout the day…It also got me back in the kitchen rattling the pots and pans and cooking all meals from scratch, Amy was always there to support and encourage.” Robert, T

“Amy’s programme for weight loss is amazing…I am feeling generally more energised and healthier.” Marija, M

“Can’t recommend Amy enough! Super flexible with my schedule, amazing advice and had me feeling 10x better in no time. Thanks for helping me change my lifestyle Amy” Ben, S

“We have invited Amy to lecture for us at Apollo on 4 occasions as part of our online wellness offering for all staff, chosen for her expertise and extensive industry credentials. Amy covered topics including ‘Gut Health and Mental Health’, ‘A Healthy Menopause’, ‘Food and Mood’ and ‘The Wellbeing Strategy’. Each carefully designed session was interesting, engaging and informative; the perfect bite-size learning opportunity for our colleagues. Amy is friendly, personable and professional. The tone and content of her lectures were ideally suited for those who already have an interest in nutrition and wellbeing as well as for those attending at entry level. Lots of takeaway advice and top tips and Amy timed her sessions perfectly to allow space for Q&A at the end. We would highly recommend!”
Helen Giles, Apollo