Workshops & Corporate Wellbeing

The health and wellbeing of employees is vital for a productive workforce, and never has it been so important to provide wellness support. We have now entered uncharted territory regarding the way we work and as such corporate wellness providers need to adapt. I can provide bespoke packages to deliver wellness online to your staff or come on site.

Workshops and talks are the ideal addition to an ongoing wellbeing initiative or for ad hoc events. The subjects below are the most popular chosen, however workshops and seminars can be tailored towards different subject matters such as weight loss, menopause or immune support for example.

Prices of group workshops & talks vary depending upon location & workshop/talk requirements. Please get in touch with your brief and I will provide something to suit your budget.

Gut Health Seminar

A healthy gut is important to overall health and wellbeing.  It can impact our immune system, nutrient absorption and energy levels so it’s important to know how to improve gut health. The natural order of the gut can be disrupted by medication, stress and processed foods and with so much information it’s hard to navigate the good, the bad and the downright ugly. Supported by the latest scientific research The Gut Health Seminar will look at these new findings and how they can be translated into diet and nutrition to aid a healthy gut.

As well as giving practical advice, tips and tools to help you improve gut health it will cover:

  • Probiotics & prebiotics
  • The impact of stress
  • Processed foods
  • Fermented foods

Nutrition for Stress

Some stressors are unavoidable and the human body does have coping mechanisms for stressful situations. That said, prolonged physiological stress can take its toll on the body and mind. There are however, diet and lifestyle changes that can assist and support our coping mechanisms. Stress for Nutrition looks into the biological impact of stress and what current habits may be exuberating symptoms.

As well as giving practical advice, tips and tools for attendees to improve overall health to help combat stress it will cover:

  • Impact of prolonged stress
  • Healthy eating in the workplace
  • Energy balance
  • Sleep hygiene

Blood Sugar Balance

The increased intake of sugar is a growing issue and can impact daily life with regards to energy levels and the onset of Type Two diabetes.

The Blood Sugar Awareness workshop has been developed to give knowledge and insight into understanding the impact of a high sugar diet on the body and how to identify hidden sugars in food and to help individuals make informed decisions about their food and lifestyle choices.

As well as giving practical advice, tips and tools to help balance blood sugar the workshop will cover:

  • High and Low GI foods
  • How to improve energy levels
  • Blood sugar balance and sleep
  • How to read food labels and current guidelines
  • How to balance meals and snacks

We have invited Amy to lecture for us at Apollo on 4 occasions as part of our online wellness offering for all staff, chosen for her expertise and extensive industry credentials. Amy covered topics including ‘Gut Health and Mental Health’, ‘A Healthy Menopause’, ‘Food and Mood’ and ‘The Wellbeing Strategy’. Each carefully designed session was interesting, engaging and informative; the perfect bite-size learning opportunity for our colleagues. Amy is friendly, personable and professional. The tone and content of her lectures were ideally suited for those who already have an interest in nutrition and wellbeing as well as for those attending at entry level. Lots of takeaway advice and top tips and Amy timed her sessions perfectly to allow space for Q&A at the end. We would highly recommend!”

Helen Giles, Apollo

Amy has done several talks and workshops about nutrition at OTF. She was amazing, our members created new habits and left feeling motivated and also having a better knowledge and relationship with food. Amy was extremely professional and very supportive

Cem Ahmet – Orange Theory Studio Manager

Had a lecture by Amy in 2020 on diet and it really helped me make the most of our transformation challenge. Her knowledge is always up to date and helpful. Fully recommend using her services for your dietary needs.

Dr N Karunaratne

Got a topic in mind for your event or business?

Each seminar and workshop can be tailored to any special requirements you may have for your group or workplace. You might also want a workshop centred on some a different nutritional requirement like weight loss, female hormones or overall health and nutrition. Whatever your questions big or small please get in touch.


Prices of group workshops & talks vary depending upon location & workshop/talk requirements. Please get in touch with your brief and I will provide something to suit your budget.
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