Not So Fast – Common Fasting Myths

There are many different kinds of fasting and the topic has been given great attention in the past few years, from the 5:2 diet, to intermittent fasting and time-restricted eating. Sometimes people may try fasting but either don’t get the results they desire or they find it unsustanaible and difficult to stick to. Here I share some common fasting myths that I see and hear.

  • The longer and more gruelling the overnight fast the better.
    This isn’t true. There is a sweet spot to aim for with overnight fasting. Most of the benefits come between the 12th and 14th hour of overnight fasting. Weight loss is more effective when food is consumed in the earlier part of the day. Your body has more time to burn calories that are eaten during the day so focusing on a nutrient dense breakfast and lunch are key strategies to success of your fasting.


  •  It’s ok to consume low or no-sugar beverages in the fasting window.
    Not really. These drinks are not part of a healthful diet. Artificial sweeteners trick us into thinking we have consumed sugar which can still lead to spikes in blood sugar and disruption in the gut causing an unbalance of your healthy bacteria.


  • Fasting is good for everybody. Well, no not everyone.
    Your daily stressors and routine can greatly impact how your body reacts to fasting. If you are not getting a good nights sleep and eating later into to evening you could be putting your body under unnecessary strain. Sometimes tackling other areas in your nutrition and routine can be a better strategy before you try fasting.


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