One Month, Three Month Programmes (& pre-paid block book appointments)

  • To rearrange an appointment please contact me one week before your arranged appointment as a courtesy as my diary is fixed the week before for the coming week.
  • Please be aware that if you rearrange, you may have to wait a week before you can be seen again.
  • Cancelling within 48 hours or failing to attend an appointment will mean it is forfeited.
  • Follow-ups are to be used within the allocated time of the programme (from when the Meal Plan & Programme Notes are delivered to a client). It is the client’s responsibility to make time for the sessions to fit within the programme that they purchased or they will be forfeited. All programmes & consultations should be redeemed within their programme time.

Single Follow-Up Consultations

  • Invoices must be paid three days in advance to confirm your appointment
  • Cancellations of 48hr or fewer will be charged at 100% of the fee
  • If confirmation has not been received by way of paying for the consultation or via any other communication it will be assumed that the client forfeits the session.

Any changes to these terms are at the discretion of Amy Young. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.