What does this mean to you? 

Lots of people in the wellness industry talk about balance.  I would say it’s a bit of a buzz word, a bit overused perhaps. People tell their story of achieving balance, or what balance means to them and often includes some dramatic life change or body transformation. However, there is no universally accepted definition of human balance, or related terms and what balance means can personally shift over time as life develops and some things become more or less important.

Balance is a process and needs reflection and self-awareness. Balance doesn’t have to mean a dramatic change. It could be finding more time with your family, or friends, it could mean finding time for yourself whether that be a 30-minute walk or time to nurture a passion for sport, art, music or cooking for example. It could mean trying to eat healthier or fit in a workout or meditation as sometimes finding time to be still and calm can be a challenge.

Have a think about what would enable you to have more balance in your life. What does that look like…more sleep? A family meal without phones? Having time to plan out your weekly meals? Whatever it is setting small and achievable goals is a good place to start. So my challenge to you is to set 30 minutes aside and focus on a small thing that will help you achieve a bit more balance in your life. Remember though, if goals are not achieved be kind to yourself…it’s all part of the journey. You can always reset and rebalance.